Panchmukhi Hanuman Sitting


This form of Hanuman has five faces.??Narasimha,?Garuda,?Varaha and Hayagriva?are the other four faces along with Hanuman?s face.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Idol, Panchamukha Hanuman is the incarnation of Rudra or a Part of Lord Shiva, who’s thought to possess eleven rudras whatsoever. Since the son of Anjana, Hanuman is also referred to as Anjaneya. He’s god incarnate of might and intellect.

Throughout the Rama-Ravana Lanka war(yudh), Hanuman supposed his Panchamukhi or five-faced look to slaughter Ahiravana, a powerful demon, a black magician, and possessor of a secretive weapon, the nagapasha, darts that could covertly inject serpent poison to human body. Ahiravana, the brother of Ravana, had kidnapped Rama and Lakshmana to the nether-world(Paathaala Loka) as hostages while both were sleeping during the nighttime.

The five faces of Hanuman are Garuda – facing the west, Varaha – facing the north, Hayagriva – facing the sky, Narasimha – facing the south and the fifth the original hanuman, facing the east.

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