VEDIC COSMOS – Guru Gita – Gift Edition


The Gift set comes with very unique and exclusive combination of a Wooden altar gift box made out of solid walnut and maple woods with antique style lock, A6 Size Guru Gita book with a Metal Book Marker, a liquid Perfume, a mini Sloka book with a wooden finish, sacred Ganga water, a copper Udarni & a pack of handmade Incense sticks.

1.?Gift Box:?Wooden altar gift box made out of solid walnut and maple woods.

2.?A6 Size Reading Book:?The Guru gita book with the transliterations in English and translations are available in English and Hindi in a handy size edition

3.?Udarni:?Made of Pure Copper.

4.?Ganga Jalam:?This sacred ganga water has been directly sourced from Aungi, Gangotri valley, Uttarkashi duly licensed and approved by the Uttarakhand Government.

5.?Incense Sticks:?packs of handmade Incense sticks with lavendar fragrance

6.?Perfume:?Liquid perfume with lavendar fragrance

7.?Sloka book:?mini wooden Sloka book – Guru – The Sole Refuge

  • Guru-gita is a part of Skanda-purana composed by Maharshi Veda-vyasa. This text describes the glories of a true Guru-The Master. This text is a divine conversation between Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Contains 3 chapters with entirely 351 Sanskrit Shlokas.
9.8 × 44.2 × 28.35 in


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