Udupi Krishna


Udupi Krishna, The Krishna is another form if the Vishnu the second of the trinity and is worship frees the soul from further sufferings and rebirth and mingles with the eternal soul. Radhakrishna relationship is considered the highest form of love, the divine love.

Udupi?is considered as the final resting place of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna Temple and matha was set up in the 13th century by Madhvacharya. Legend has it that once Kanakadasa, a worshipper of Lord Krishna was denied entrance into the temple. Determined to see god, Kanakadasa kept praying hard from the outside itself. Impressed by his devotion, it is believed that Lord Krishna?s idol turned to face Kanakadasa and a small hole formed on the wall so that Kanakadasa can get a glimpse of Lord Krishna. This spot is now known as Kanakana kindi (window of Kanaka).

The Udupi Shri Krishna Matha is an important religious centre for the Hindus and is placed among the principal pilgrimage sites in India. It is a conspicuous centre of the Dvaita Vedanta Hindu philosophy that believes Lord Vishnu (the Supreme Soul) and the individual souls have independent existential realities.

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