Brass Tortoise,

  • Tortoise figures can be placed in the backyard, for stabilizing the positive energy at home.
  • Tortoise can also be placed at the entrance, to protect your home from negative energies.
  • Metal tortoises should always be kept with its feet immersed in water. Fill a small metal dish or bowl with water and then place the turtle in it. This brings happiness and prosperity in the house.
  • Placing the tortoise figurine close to an artificial waterfall or fish tank is considered very lucky for the household.
  • Place the tortoise in your ?Tien Yi? direction, as it can help you in fighting illness. To determine your Tien Yi direction, you need to know your Kua number which can be calculated by adding the digits of your year of birth, till you get a single digit. Now, females should add four to this number while males should subtract 11 from this number, to get the Kua number.
  • If you place the tortoise near the bed, it will help you in dealing with anxiety and insomnia. You can keep it beside your child?s bed, if he/she is afraid of sleeping alone.
  • Do not place the tortoise in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Never keep chipped, cracked or broken tortoise figurines at home.
  • Keeping the tortoise in the east, the north or the north-west, is considered good for home and career.
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