Hanging Ganesha For Wall


  • Lord Ganesha Also Known As Vinayaka is The God of Auspiciousness. He is Known To Be The Destroyer of Bad Luck And Obstacles.
  • Ganesh is the favorite God of children all across the country as he is seen as a child God.
  • His appearance is unique as he has an elephant?s head and his pot belly is a sign of prosperity.

Hanging Ganesha For Wall

There are many Benefits to Worship Lord Ganesha that are as Follows :

1. Wisdom

The elephant head of Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom. So, if you worship Ganesha, you consciously or subconsciously want to seek wisdom.

2. Prosperity

Everyone dreams of a prosperous and healthy life. And it very much depends on the lifestyle you choose. When you chose Lord Ganesha as your deity and offer your prayers to him, you enthusiastically work towards achieving success

3. Good fortune

It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the god of good fortune and wealth. If you become his devotee and work your heart out to achieve fortune, you will not return empty-handed.

4. Destroy all your obstacles

He is the Vighnaharta of all. When you worship Lord Ganesha with complete faith, he guides you and offers you the courage to fight off anything.

5. You will become knowledgeable

Lord Ganesha is the most knowledgeable of all. It one of his strongest qualities. When you worship him with the sole motive of enlightenment, you will see yourself transform

6. You will become patient

It is to lose one?s temper. And patience is the key to control one?s anger. Lord Ganesha?s large ears symbolize the fact that he is a patient listener.

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