Dashavatara Set


A shivlinga in general symbolizes the union of mind and soul

Copper Dashavatara, As Per The Shiva Purana – Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Balarama, Krishna, and Kalki.


1. Matsya Avatara

Matsya Is The Half Fish, A Half-human Form Of Vishnu. According To Matsya Puran, Matsya Informs Manu, The Leader Of The Humans, Of The Great Flood And Helps Him Save All The Motile Living Beings, The Vedas, And The Seeds Of All Plants.

2. Kurma Avatara

Kurma Is The Half Tortoise Half-man Form Of Vishnu. During The Churning Of The Ocean (Samudra Manthan), He Balances Mount Mandara On His Shell To Assist The Gods And The Demons In The Churning Process. He Is Also Believed To Have Supported The Weight Of The Cosmos On His Back.

3. Varaha Avatara

Varaha Is The Half Man And Half Boar Avatara Of Vishnu. In Hindu Dharma, He Slays The Demon Hiranyaksha To Save Bhudevi, The Personification Of The Earth And Restores Her Back To The Surface From A Sinking State Using His Tusks.

4. Narsimha Avatara

Narsimha Is The Half Lion And A Half-human Avatara Of Vishnu. He Was Born To End The Reign Of The Demonic King Hiranya Kashyap And Establish Peace, Order, Righteousness, And Other Elements Of Dharma On Earth.

5. Vamana Avatara

The 5th Avatara Of Vishnu, Vamana, Was A Dwarf Brahmin. This Avatara Of Lord Vishnu Comes To Check The Growing Power Of The Demonic King Mahabali, Which He Does By Tricking Him During A Sacrificing Ceremony And Sending Him To The Underworld.

6. Parashurama Avatara

Parshurama Is A Brahmin Kshatriya Avatara Of Lord Vishnu. He Is Depicted As A Sage With An Axe In His Hand. He Was Born To End The Tyranny Of The Evil Kshatriyas, Who Misused Their Powers And Made Others’ Lives Miserable, And Bring Them To Justice.

7. Rama Avatara

Lord Rama Is One Of The Most Significant And Powerful Deities Of Hindu Dharma And The Lead Character Of The Epic Ramayana. He Kills The Evil King Ravana To End His Terrorizing Rule And Free His Wife Sita, Whom Ravana Had Kidnapped.

8. Balrama

Lord Balarama is worshipped as 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The birth anniversary of Lord Balarama is observed as Balarama Jayanti. Balarama was the elder brother of Lord Krishna. Lord Balarama is also worshipped as an Avatar of Adishesha, the serpent on which Lord Vishnu rests. Balarama is also known as Baladeva, Balabhadra and Halayudha.

9. Krishna Avatara

Lord Krishna Is Yet Another Major Form Of Lord Vishnu. He Is Known To End The Reign Of His Tyrannical Maternal Uncle Kansa And His Role As The Advisor Or The Pandavas And The Charioteer And Guide Of Arjuna In Mahabharata.

10. Kalki Avatara

Kalki Is The Only Avatara Of Vishnu That Is Yet To Be Born. He Will End All Evil By Defeating The Demon Kali And Start A New Satyayuga Or Kalkiyuga. Kali Is All The Negative Emotions And Elements Personified Into One. Kalki Is Depicted As A Warrior Riding A White Horse And Holding A Shining Sword.

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