Avalokiteshvara Sitting


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Avalokiteshvara sits in meditation, with lowered eyelids, looking inward into mind and downward to witness the lamentations of the world.


Avalokiteshvara is the bodhisattva of compassion, has undergone many transformations over the centuries, adopting new qualities, names, and even a different gender.

A bodhisattva is a warrior or hero of enlightenment, a being who is on the path to buddhahood. But in a sense, Avalokiteshvara is even more than a buddha. After attaining buddhahood, he voluntarily returned to the way of a bodhisattva in order to lead all beings to buddhahood. Thus Avalokiteshvara is considered the manifestation of the selfless, unconditional compassion of the buddhas.

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Avalokiteshvara Sitting


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