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Ashoka Pillar With Rotating Wooden Base

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What is the significance of Ashoka Pillars?

The edicts of King Ashoka on his pillars about the preaching’s of Buddha teach us Buddhist morals and values to lead a peaceful life. The motto on the National Emblem of India “Satyamev Jayate” makes every Indian remember that truth is the only way. One can find the national emblem on the currency, passport and many important documents.

Apart from ethics, these pillars have also become one of the best tourist destinations in India. People from all over the world come in huge numbers to take a glimpse of these marvelous pillars.

What do the four lions Symbolize?

The four lions of the national emblem stand for power, courage, and confidence and pride. The wheel is at the center of the abacus and a bull on the right representing hard work and steadfastness and a horse on the left representing loyalty, speed, and energy. The lotus below has been excluded.

The Ashoka pillars depict the age of the fierce and strong King Ashoka who later adopted teaching Buddha’s teachings to lead a non-violence way of life. The pillars were built in the 13th century but stand strong to date representing the firm construction. The intricately carved pictures of animals have made these pillars one of the most beautiful historical heritages.

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